Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Eve Service

Don't forget that we will celebrate Christmas with our traditional candlelight service on Sunday, 12/23/18 at 5:00 pm. There will be no morning service this week.

If you'd like, you may bring a memorial candle to honor loved ones that have passed. Hope to see you then.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cookies for Heroes

Don't forget, this Saturday, 12/15/18, will we meet at Judy Ware's office at 10am and assemble and then deliver the cookie baskets for our local fire stations.

You are asked to bring enough cookies to accommodate 13 different stations. If you're unable to be at the actual event, but want to participate by donating cookies, let Ben Abernathy know @ 770-354-0872 or 770-889-1526 to make arrangements to get your items there on Saturday morning.

It's a good time to say, "thank you" to the men and women that serve us daily. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Church tomorrow and an Important reminder

Due to the threat of inclement weather tonight in our area, the leadership has decided it would be best to cancel services tomorrow. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take time to worship and pray to our Lord some time during the day.

Everyone be safe and we'll resume our services next Sunday.

Also, don't forget that this Saturday is our Cookies for Heroes day. Please be prepared to get your offering of cookies or candies to Judy Ware's office by 10 am and please supply enough goodies to share between 13 local fire stations.

Remember those on our prayer list:

Prayer Concerns

V  Our church leaders & mission; our country and political leaders

V  Unspoken prayer requests

V  Damien Darragh – remember Christians worldwide

V  V  Barbara Chapman- health; friend with breast cancer

V  Marcie’s Mother – Surgery recovery; Dementia

V  Bill Ford – Aunt Francis - cancer

V  Susan Eichler – Sister; Brother-in-Law, Everett

V  The Hightowers –Dennis Barnes – cancer; Kathy Quimby; friend suffering from cerebral trauma; Former minister lost house to fires in California.

V  Judy Ware – Andy; Friend going through a divorce:

V  Cathy Schmidle’s brother, Craig; cousin, Donna-cancer

V  Michael Foster – Mike, Jr.; co-worker, Angela; Helena Cochran; Liz Mayo -brain aneurysm; Brian Blemas – cancer; Sandy – broken wrist

V  Kathie Copeland: Sister; Kathy Umberger; friend, Kathy - brain tumor 

V  Earharts: Mike’s jail ministry; Steve (homeless); tent communities: Prayer for our children, for the obstacles in their path causing separation, to be removed; Jack & Joyce McClure. Trish’s stepfather; Brother-in-law – heart blood clot; Mikie – college

V  The Lizottes – Sherry and her father; Pete Charles – COPD; Roger’s kids

V  Pat Little: sister and family, Ashley & Donna; Phil Morgan; Michelle & her mother, Marie Schultz; Jean Lamb – Parkinson’s
V  Debbie Whigham: Mother, Belle Scaffe; Amber – Chron’s disease; Karen Ramsey; Daughter, Deborah – health; Chris Hicks; Linda & Jacky Stowers – health; Stowers’ daughter, Susie – cancer; house sell; nephew – deployment; Jeremiah Hicks

V  Lorie Morris – cousin, Eddie Washburn

V  The Abernathys - Bill Turner, Colton, & 3-year-old Maddie – cancer; Marie Witkay; Jan – severe stomach issues & anemia.