Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to School List AND Thank You

Hey Castle kids,

It looks like we've got everything put together for this man's needs for his kids. All of the items are spoken for and being provided and a few have pledged to buy Target gift cards for him to buy clothes for his kids. I think that will be very sufficient.

Thank you all for your help and your generosity. I just got off the phone with the person we're helping and he was very grateful.

Please remember to bring those items this Sunday. I'm planning on meeting him Sunday afternoon.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to School List AND Prayer Request

Hey gang,

I got tons of replies about our BTS list help. Thanks everyone. Of course, some volunteered for the same thing, so I had to make some decisions--hopefully everyone is ok with those. You may have signed up for something I didn't list you on. I may have signed you up for something else. Here is the list as I see it now:

4 glue sticks Kathy Schmidle
4 boxes of crayons (24 ct) Kathy Umberger
1 pair kid scissors Kathy Umberger
1 box washable markers (8 ct) The Slattons
4 plastic 3 ring pocket binders The Slattons
10 #2 pencils Kathy Schmidle
1 folding rest mat The Amoses
2 boxes of ziploc bags Lorie Short
2 bottles hand sanitizer Sharon Freeman
1 Lg bottle glue Kathy Copeland

Backpack Amoses?
Backpack Slattons?

You'll notice that I added a few items. We need a couple of boy's backpacks. Also, I will add something about clothes needed Tuesday, so if you can do some clothes, please respond today like you did Monday. Keep an eye out for that.

Also, don't forget to pray for Nathan and the youth group this week as they travel to Big Stuff. Don't pray only for their safety, but for their spiritual renewal! Thanks!


Back to School List

Hey everyone,

I mentioned yesterday about our back to school list for the man who asked for help. I'm still waiting to get sizes on clothes for his kids. However, we did not get any sign-ups for the list even though many people had said they would be glad to help.

Here is a list of what is needed, if you can provide an item or two, please let me know by replying to this email and telling me what you can do.

4 glue sticks
4 boxes of crayons (24 ct)
1 pair kid scissors
1 box washable markers (8 ct)
4 plastic 3 ring pocket binders
10 #2 pencils
1 folding rest mat
2 boxes of ziploc bags
2 bottles hand sanitizer
1 Lg bottle glue



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meeting Synopsis

Hey everyone,

Just to fill everyone in on the meeting today because there were several people who couldn't be there, here is a quick synopsis of where we are with a building search.

The Mary Alice Park Rd. building is no longer an option for us. After all the work Larry and everyone put into getting into that building, the owner simply decided he could not afford to give it to us for the price he originally agreed to. That's ok. It would have been a nice location, but there was a lot of work to make it ready.

We have talked to the representative of the owner of our current location and he has offered us three spaces in the building across the side-road from our current location. He is offering those spaces to us for less than what the MAP building was going to cost and all the build-out done. This will include two basic units which will be united by removing the dividing wall. That would create a spectacular worship area for us. He will also create an entrance to the next unit which has two classrooms and an office already built in. The bathrooms are ready to go, sprinklers are installed, and move-in could conceivably happen very soon.

The leadership is going to continue to talk to the owners about this possibility this week. As soon as we know more we'll tell you. Obviously, there will be some things we want to make sure of before we vote on whether or not to take that space. The ability to start the daycare will be a primary contributor to our decision. Also, our leadership will have to feel comfortable with the move. This opportunity has presented itself so quickly that we haven't had much time to analyze it.

Please contact me with any questions about this location.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meeting Reminder

Hello Church,

Just a reminder that we have a follow-up meeting on the same subject as our last church meeting. There have been some changes this week--some very significant ones, and we want to update you on the current situation.

We'll meet a little bit after church again this Sunday, and I assume the meeting will be a little shorter.

Take care!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

False Email

Hey everyone,

For some reason, Feedburner emailed a blog entry from May 30 today. I'm not sure why, but it did.

If you received an email from Castle Christian Blog about a garage sale, please disregard it.

ALSO, I've updated the reading list for those of you using it.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meeting Reminder

Hey guys and gals,

Just wanted to send a quick reminder so that you won't the meeting after church this Sunday. We'll try to set it up just a little bit after service, to give people a chance to fellowship.

Take care!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meeting Sunday

Hey everyone,

Don't forget we have a meeting after church this Sunday. It shouldn't take too long, but will be strictly informative about a possible relocation and current financial situation of the church. Please be prepared to gather info! We'll have a follow-up meeting the next Sunday.

Take care!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christine Ware Funeral Info

Hey everyone,

Judy gave me this info:

The viewing for Christine Ware will be at Ingram's Funeral Home Thursday between 5 and 9 pm.

There will be a graveside service on Friday morning at 11:00 at Eidson Memorial Cemetary in Dunwoody, GA. Here are directions to the cemetery:

Eidson Family Cemetery on Winters Chapel Rd, across the street from the little white church "Winters Chapel". This is Winters Chapel, (north on Peachtree Ind. To Winters Chapel Rd, Turn L, or West. Church is 2-3 miles on right, Cemetery is across the street, do not confuse with Large Cemetery nearby. If you are going from Cumming it's South on P'Industrial and then right on Winters Chapel Rd.

Talked to Nathan this afternoon--he seems to be feeling MUCH better. He will be at the youth worship meeting tonight!



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Christine Ware Passing

Hey everyone,

I just received a message from Judy Ware telling me that Christine (Tim and Elease's mother) passed away today. Please be praying for our family!

Funeral plans will be made Wednesday morning.