Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on Dick Richardson

From Doris Richardson:

"Dear Ones,

Just wanted to give you an update. Dick is finally getting back on his feet, just couldn't stand and could just walk a few feet. Don't know why his legs took on so much weakness. He seems to be over the pneumonia, but we are being very cautious. He has been taking limited exercise but runs out of breath so fast, but he gets his breath and goes right back to it. We can sure see improvement as he doesn't have to use the shower bench anymore and can do more walking and climbs the stairs a couple of times a day. Of course, he has to sit down then and get his breath. Anyway, we feel better about him. We miss all of you and hope to be back next Sunday if the weather isn't awful. Hope all is well with everyone there."

Let's don't forget Dick and Doris in our daily prayers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010



Dick came home yesterday and is doing much better.


Oma, too, is doing much better and they are looking for her to be released from the hospital today.

Please continue to pray for these families as our loved ones continue to heal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Sunday

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that we have a special Sunday coming up. Two of my students are going to come and share with us news of their ministry and work in Haiti. Laura Clancy and Glenn Wise will be sharing pictures and testimony about their work there.

Please plan on coming for this special message!



Oma - Laura Young and update on Dick


Talked to Betsy and she said Oma is in the hospital. She was admitted last night for test, possible heart, and they will keep her for one more night in Northside Forsyth. At this point, Betsy did not need anything. Please keep Oma, Betsy and Bud in your prayers. Please put this on the Blog

Let’s all be praying for Oma. Such a sweet Christian woman and everybody needs their Oma hug at least once a week.


He is doing much better and may even come home tomorrow. Please continue to lift him and Doris in prayer.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dick Richardson

Just got word from Doris that Dick began running a very high temperature over the weekend and yesterday he was taken by ambulance to Northside - main campus. He has pneumonia. He has been give a heavy duty shot and is feeling somewhat better, but needs lots and lots of rest. They ask for prayer on Dick's behalf and please hold off on any visits for the time being. Thanks to Todd for driving Doris down and taking her back today. Their son is coming in today to help out.

We'll give you updates as we receive them. Pray for this beautiful Christian couple that we all love so much.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pray for the Fosters' Family

I just got word that Cathi, Anne Foster's sister, passed away this morning. Please be in prayer for their family.

The funeral is Wednesday Nov 10th at 1 o'clock. Anne said her mother has been in the hospital for pneumonia and a blood clot in her lung. She was released today and has come home. She wanted to say thank-you to everyone for your prayers.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Final Reminder

Don't forget to turn your clocks BACK tomorow night. If you forget and come early, go ahead and warm up the building for the rest of us and start the coffee.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prayer request

Anne Foster's mother is in the hospital with pneumonia and was also diagnosed with diabetes. They have started her on some medications, but they don't know how long she will have to be in the hospital.

Also, Anne's sister's condition is getting worse each day. She began have trouble swallowing today so they feel the end is very near now. The family asks that you keep these requests in your prayers.