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Latest news from Family Promise

Growth and Evolution

After a full year as an official 501 (c) (3) organization, Family Promise experienced its first annual rotation of board members. Rolling off the board, but remaining involved in various areas, were: Lu Leeds, Mary Temple, Maureen Wareham, Mitch Hermance, Amy Gamez, and Lola Larson.

Each individual served Family Promise passionately and without their efforts we would not be here today. We are grateful for their service and commitment, and are more than pleased that they will continue to be involved with Family Promise of Forsyth County.

To fill in, and to help take Family Promise further, the board welcomed to the table: Anthony Birozes, Todd Christopher, Jeremy Johnson, Jordan Livermore, Jim Hensley, Mike Ridzon, Janna Barroso, and Roger Fraser.

The board also named Rick Lee and Jim Lepp to serve as president and vice-president of the board. With change comes new perspective & fresh ideas. We are excited to see what new adventures await Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc. 

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More Than Moving Boxes

For Nicole and her 14 year old daughter, Jennifer, the thought of moving was daunting. The thought of moving into a homeless program - almost unbearable. With no money, no vehicle, and no support system in place, Nicole was faced with the difficult task of moving their belongings. Though not enough to fill a storage unit, it was more than Nicole and Jennifer could ever handle on their own.

Thankfully, our friends at Browns Bridge Church answered our plea for help and showed up to move Nicole and Jennifer. The day was a chilly, rainy, Sunday afternoon, but without concern for their own comfort, this group worked diligently to insure that Nicole and Jennifer would have a smooth transition into Family Promise.

Though the group came to move boxes and some furniture, unbeknownst to them, they moved a single mother from fear and concern about the future, to a place of peace and calm. Knowing that her belongings are safely secured in storage, knowing that she does not have to worry about being taken advantage of, or mistreated, anylonger, Nicole can now begin to rebuild her life.

On the next day, as Nicole finished cleaning and gathering the final items, it was a beautiful sight to see her glowing with gratitude and peace. Thank you BBC friends for making this transition as smooth as possible. 

"President's Monthly Perspective"

When we look around at all the growth taking place in our county we tend to focus on the problems of traffic congestion and need for road improvement.  As real as these are to us there is another reality in our community that needs to come into our focus .... children in our schools and their families identified by various resource counselors in need of a place to call “home”.  Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc. is formally one year old and wants to bring this need and our program’s outreach to your attention like the caution sign in the picture above.  What drew me toward this national organization is their model of helping children and their families.  We do not give “handouts” but are offering our hand out to provide a hand up through multiple host/support congregations, volunteers and donors.  The goal is to mold empowering skills and provide opportunity for the families to achieve “sustainable independence”.  Check us out and come join us in a positive way of impacting children’s futures!  Who knows it may very well make your perspective of the traffic problems seem of less importance in the overall scales of life.

- H. Richard "Rick" Lee, Jr.
President, Board of Trustees

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Full Steam Ahead

After 2 years of meetings, conversations, and many prayers, we are proud to announce that we have secured our 13 host congregations!  On  January 18, 2017, Grace Fellowship agreed to join our host team, and on April 5, 2017, Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit made the formal commitment to house and nourish homeless families in Forsyth County.

The Family Promise model runs most efficiently and effectively with  13 host congregations, which allows for 4 host weeks per year per host congregation. We are grateful for Grace Fellowship and ECOHS for completing our host team.

In addition to the 13 host congregations, Family Promise relies on a team support congregations, who supplement and help our host teams. Lanier United Methodist Church and Grace Chapel Church of Christ are our most recent additions. For a complete list of host and support churches visit our website: 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A big thank you

From Michael Foster:

A big thank you for everyone who helped with the meal at the Place either bringing food or serving and a few people did both.Thank you for all you do every time to make this meal a big success.Please keep Wednesday October 4th on your calendar.