Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Sunday (8/2/14)

Hey Everyone,

As I've said a few times, Vangie and I are going to be traveling up North for my sister's wedding this weekend.  I had someone I had hoped could fill in for me, but it looks like he won't be able to.

Therefore, I am recommending everyone bring food this Sunday and plan on having an Agape meal.  We'll see you next weekend!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Church need and county need

Kathie Copeland and her family will be having a memorial service for her mother tomorrow, Saturday, July 26th @ 2:00 p.m. at the Victory Baptist Church in Palmetto, Ga. She will be needing some help with food for the family following the service.

If you want to help, please let Jan Abernathy know (via Facebook, email: or phone 770-889-1526) and bring your food to the "old" Methodist church parking lot across from the Kiwanis building no later than 10:00 am this Saturday. Our parking lot will be full with the AA meeting. Jan will need to know who will be bringing food so she and Ben will know to wait on you before leaving for the service. Thanks.
LAST SUNDAY for stuff the bus this weekend. The Abernathys were able to purchase three bags of school supplies at Wal-mart for $17.00. These supplies will go to children here in Forsyth County.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coming Up THIS SUNDAY on OT Survey! (7/27/14)

Hey everyone,

The past few weeks we've been studying the book of Exodus.  Last week, we talked at length about the story of Moses--how he came to be and the context he was born into.  One of the key issues we discussed was Moses' call from God and all the backdrop of that important moment!

This coming Sunday we're going to be talking about Moses' approach to Pharaoh and the meaning of the ten plagues on Egypt.  It will be great!

If you're reading along, it will probably be best to have read through Exodus chapter 12. 


My sister is getting married on August 2, which means Vangie and I will be out of town on August 3.  I'm working on getting a speaker for that Sunday.  However, we are planning on putting together a Passover meal for the following week. I will be bringing a list of things to make that we can all split up and share.  This will be a great way to commemorate this special event in the book of Exodus.

We'll see you Sunday!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Coming Up THIS SUNDAY on OT SURVEY (/13/14)

We had a great Sunday last week as we discussed the life of Joseph and how the Israelites came to be in Egypt! 

THIS Sunday we're going to study the beginning of the book of Exodus.  Doubt we'll get far because there is an important piece I want to focus on in the first chapter. 

SO, if you are reading along, I recommend reading chapters 1-5 for this week. 

ALSO, please don't forget the Sweat Fest tomorrow!  The time has been moved to 2:00.  If you have made any baked goods for the bake sale and can't come, please contact me (Jason), and we'll figure out how to get them from you.

ALSO, please don't forget to bring school supplies for Stuff the Bus!  We're collecting them all through the month of July.

See you Sunday!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Stuff the Bus

Hello everyone!

The United Way is collecting items for kids in the area for school this year.  We're thinking that, as a church, it would be a great project for us to donate this July.  We'll discuss the deets in church this Sunday.

Go here to see the website.

Also, Vangie has posted something on Facebook already about the Sweat Fest next Saturday.  We're hoping that some of our expert bakers could provide some baked goods for this great cause!  We'll talk about that more this Sunday as well!

See you then!


Coming Up THIS SUNDAY on OT Survey! (7/6/14)

Last week we discussed Isaac and Jacob--virtually how Israel became "Israel."  This week we will be delving into the story of Joseph!

For this week, it will be necessary to have finished your reading of the book of Genesis!  The following week we will be discussing Exodus.

See you then!