Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great Book

Hey everyone,

I haven't done this kind of thing for a while, but I want to share a great book I just finished. I'm really excited about it because it's one of the best books on Christianity I've ever read.

The book is N.T. Wright's Simply Chrisitian: Why Christianity Makes Sense. If you click on the picture you can go to the book on


Jason Rodenbeck

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Coming Sunday

Hey everyone,

I've already received a couple of questions to go over this Sunday. So far it looks like the line-up is this:

One question regarded violence in the O.T. and harmonizing it with our reading of the non-violence of Jesus. We went over that in our LAST Q & A after the Beatitudes sermons, but it would be good to review.

The second regards the passage that was brought up last week, specifically Luke 22:36. In this passage, Jesus does tell his disciples to buy a sword. We're going to talk about why this Sunday.

I am interested in talking about how Christians must love and serve and honor those who have served in the military. I want to address that this Sunday.

I am also considering a brief look at the notion of "just war" reasoning. We may not get to all of these, but we should get started.

As we did last Sunday, it may occur to us to have an open-forum kind of discussion.

Hope to see you this Sunday!


Doris Richardson

Got this update about Doris:

Doris is doing okay. They feel like they got all of the cancer, but it was quite deep so she is still finding it hard to sit for long. Here are pictures of their new great grandbaby, Lucien Abraham Morris.