Monday, August 31, 2009

Got a "Thanks" from the Campbells

Got a "Thanks" from the Campbells. Included is a link to a video they wanted to share with us.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Click on Eleanor Craven and you can watch her video.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Marge Beihler's Mom

Just got this from Trish:

Marge Bieler was just visiting her mother at a hospital in New Jersey and asked for prayers that her mother is comfortable. She believes she has only a short time before she passes from this world. She mentioned that she was able to share her love for Christ and pray with her mother's roommate, a young very sick alcoholic woman. Please keep the two of them in your prayers. Thanks, Tricia

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ben Abernathy Update

Jan just sent this to me:

We just got home and it appears that he has a rather large (5-7 mm) kidney stone. It is poised just above the bladder and they are hoping he will go ahead and pass it in a day or two. He’s asleep right now as the pain meds are doing their job.

Let's keep praying!

Suzanne Campbell's Mother

Hey everyone,

Just heard from someone that Suzanne Campbell's mother passed away this morning. Let's be in prayer for the Campbells.

The family is requesting that any donations to be made are made to Cedar Grove Baptist Church. Will give more info when we have it.


Prayer for Ben Abernathy

Just got this message from Jan:

Could you get word out for prayer support for Ben? I’m taking him to the ER with pretty severe abdominal pain. My guess is it’s either a kidney stone or appendicitis. Would appreciate some prayer though.

There's a lot of stuff going around. Let's pray for one another during this difficult time health-wise.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey everyone, just got this from Trish. Let's pray for Mikey and the whole Earhart family! Also everyone be careful; they're saying that the flu could affect a lot of people this year.

Today Mikey was diagnosed with Type A flu, which his pediatrician and pharmacist are saying is 95% likely to be the Swine Flu. So, everyone in our house including Kim because she was with Mikey at the dentist this morning have been put on medication as a preventative. Mikey is pretty much in quarantine. He is generally strong and in good health and we had him to the doctor and on medication within 24 hours so we expect a full recovery. Please keep our family in your prayers with special attention to Mikey, Kim because of being pregnant, and his Grandmother that lives in our home because she is elderly. The symptoms were bad cough, headache and fever. Also, Mike's brother, Timmy found yesterday that his two daughters were also tested positive with the same symptoms. All our love, The Earharts


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today's Message and Theme

Hey everyone, just a couple of quick updates on what happened today at CCC, for anyone who could not be there...

This Sunday we took a break from Matthew to concentrate on our church in a message entitled "State of the Church Sunday." We focused on what the church is supposed to be and why we do what we do. We also heard from our Shepherds, Ben Abernathy and Omer Umberger, on the immediate financial challenges before our church. The message closed with a challenge for us to continue working on being more Christ-like and to reaffirm our commitment to BEING this radical kingdom community.

The message from today is available to listen on our podcast on directly from our website.

Unfortunately, Ben and Omer's section of the message could not be recorded. But if you were unable to make it on Sunday, we'd like you to know what they talked about. Please contact Jason, Ben, or Omer via phone or email for more info!

Let's all commit to continue to pray for and support our church and look forward to all the great things that God is going to do through Castle Christian Church! Thanks!


Prayer for Suzanne Campbell's Family

Got this forwarded from Dick and Doris today. Let's pray for Suzanne's family and for the Campbells...

Hey guys
Suzanne went to Miss thursday to be with her mom. Her mom (Eleanor Craven) is in the hospital in Meridian in CCC.
She has rallied some, but is not in good shape at all. All 5 children are with her and we are sitting on GO should we need to go on over.
If you see this before church, please ask for prayers. I'll let you know should there be any changes.

Love y'all


Very Important

If you were unable to attend service today, you really need to listen to the podcast. This link should take you there: The podcasts are to the right, under the prayers and praises. They play in Windows Media Player...

Also, William Flynn was unanimously voted by the congregation as our newest Servant Leader.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cleaning House

I have an E machine PC that someone can have. It is kind of slow but it works and we have used it for school when we had more kids at home. Anyway, it's time to get rid of it. Do you think you can put something on the blog to see if anyone wants it. It's an E-machine 333cs. I have a keyboard and monitor (yucky one) as well. If you think you would like it, let Trish Earhart know and Mike will bring it to church for you Sunday

Friday, August 14, 2009


Exciting news everyone! Kidnextion Childrens Ministry is moving to Suite 200 starting this Sunday, August 16th!!! Parents, this means that your children now have a more suitable environment, and a more functional space for your child's needs. Starting this Sunday, please be prepared to drop off, and pick-up your child with the Kidnextion Host before and after the service, this includes k-5th graders as well. We are very excited about this move, and we hope that you will see why when you and your children arrive.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bible Study to RESUME

Greetings everyone,

We will be resuming our Wednesday Night Hebrews Bible study this Wednesday at 7:00!

Just reply to this post if you have questions.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poisson Video

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post the powerful video we tried to show you Sunday morning. Just click to watch!

Monday, August 3, 2009

104.7 The Fish

If you listen to The Fish - 104.7, you are probably familiar with the contest: Battle of the Sexes.
If you listen tomorrow (Tuesday around 7:10 AM) you just might hear someone you know.