Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cross Walk

Hello everyone,

Today I talked to a few of our Cross Walk leaders from last year. I know we've been behind in preparing this year and I take responsibility for that. My own personal struggles this year have taken much of my time.

However, I think we have a solution. This year we would like to benefit First Christian Church's food pantry. I have already contacted Stan Percival, First Christian's minister, and invited him and anyone from first Christian who would like to, to be involved.

I think this is a perfect chance for us to bear our cross for the poor and needy in our community as well as reach out in peace to our brothers and sisters in Christ at First Christian Church!

The idea is that we are going to create a donation sheet (available this next Sunday) that anyone who wants to be involved may take with them and ask people to support us in the cross-walk--this time not with money but with cans of food. We'll simply bring all the cans we can (whether we buy them or collect them) until Good Friday and carry the cross together.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prayer Request

Just received this prayer request from the Richardsons:

We are requesting prayers for our friend Vicki Parianos who is in surgery after some complications from heart valve replacement surgery just a few days ago.

She used to go to First Christian and was in Larry Deckard's Sunday School class there and have since moved to Lafayette, LA. Her husband Steve is having Laser surgery on his eye for the Glaucoma in a few days. He is blind in the other eye. Big problems for this family.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday 2/21 Snacks

This from Doris Richardson today:

Barbara just called me and told me that she & Charlie will be in Floridathis weekend, Bud & Betsy are out of town and we will not be thereeither so she was wondering if there could be an e-mail sent out to leteveryone know so others can bring food, otherwise it might be a coffeemorning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Susan Woods

This came to me from Jan Abernathy today;
For those of you who know Susan Woods, this post from her Caring Bridge account:

My apologies to all who have patiently waited for me to post an update, but our flight was delayed and we were very late getting in last night. I am still floating on cloud nine from the news that I am not going to do any more chemo at this time.

We had very good news this trip and my doctor was very pleased with my response to the chemo. Life is good and God is great! For anyone reading that does not believe in the power of prayer and miracles, I hope my news convinces you God is real and is still in control. I went from a very bleak prognosis of being told initially I might have 6-12 months and if I was lucky with the chemo 1-2 years to a prognosis with hope for more years and slight possibility of a cure.

Dr. Seiffker did not have the actual radiology report, but she did have the pictures to compare to all of the previous scans and it was very obvious the tumor in my lung had shrunk more than 50%. She does not like for patients to need the 5th and 6th rounds of the aggressive chemo regimen I have been taking because the few that have taken it have experienced nerve damage, particularly in the hands and feet. She feels we are ready to consult with a thoracic surgeon to see if the remainder of the metastatic tumor in the lung can be surgically removed. She was not in favor of doing radiation surgery since it is a metastic tumor and she said the chance of them getting it all with clean margins is not as good with the radiation as it is with surgery. She very much wants me to have the surgery at MD Anderson in Houston.

I am going to a surgeon at St. Josephs in Atlanta and going to one in Houston to see what they both have to say. I would love to have the surgery in Atlanta because it would be easier (convenience, time and financially) on my family; However, if it appears the surgery and recovery will be best for me if done at MD Anderson, that is exactly what we will do.

Dr. Seiffker said I have been one of the better responses of patients in the trial. Based on the response she feels confident that I have gained more years and even a slight chance that I may be cured with the surgery. Only time will tell if this be the case. They will continue to follow me with scans every 3 months then progress to every 6 months after the surgery. She does have a couple of patients that have no recurrence of cancer since their treatment and surgeries for 3-5 years. Remember the trial has only been going on for 5 years.

We are optimistic and still frog (fully relying on God). Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. God has used y'all in our lives in a big way. You have been such a blessing to us. Love and God's blessings to you all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valerie and Baby

Hey everyone,

Valerie Flynn is in labor at Northside Forsyth. William got to the hospital at 9:30 this morning. He took a 6:30am flight out of Orlando. Kathy is still down there and can't get home til later tonight. She's driving, with 2 other people. Valerie just got her 1st dose of pain medications. Melissa said she is doing well.

Will let everyone know how things are progressing as we get updates!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shower Sunday

Hey everyone,

Don't forget the baby shower this Sunday (the 7th of Feb) for Rachel and Jason Freeman.

Also, thanks to all who came and helped at the church clean-up today!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Bible Study Reminder

Diane wanted to let everyone know that if you want her to get a study guide for you for the new Ladies Bible Study starting in two weeks, please let her know ASAP. We will be using "Trusting God" (Even When Life Hurts) by Jerry Bridges. Her phone number is 678-965-4678 and her email address is

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Hey everyone, don't forget about our spring cleaning this Saturday. It starts at 10:15.

Sherry has suggested this: We have two vacuums and one extension cord that I know of. We might need an extra extension cord so we can run both vacuums at the same time, and maybe some dust cloths or similar type stuff.