Wednesday, November 29, 2017

From Family Promise

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What is #Giving Tuesday?

HAPPY #Giving Tuesday!  Giving Tuesday  is a global campaign encouraging people to give to charities of their choice.  We are excited to be introducing our "From Your Family...To Our Families" Campaign on Giving Tuesday.
Our goal - Raise a minimum of $9200...the cost to serve one family for 90 days...the journey to long-term stability.
Sometimes it is hard to believe what a difference 90 days can make.  The journey can be tough as parents navigate through working, learning new skills and meeting goals. The supports we give allows them to reach the ultimate reward at the end…stability for their family.

Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc. is proud to empower and assist children and their parents or guardians by providing a place to stay, meals, case management, transportation, childcare, education, and support as families transition from being homeless to gaining sustainable independence.

To accomplish this it takes many resources....people resources (volunteers) and financial resources (donations).
How can you help?  Share our message!  Please share our Facebook posts throughout the day.  And please forward this email to friends

On behalf of the families we serve and will serve, thank you for sharing a special gift from your family to our families!

Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mark your calendars

  • THE VFW will be opened this Sunday (11/26/17) @ 12:00 pm for our inspection of the facility.
  • CHRISTMAS COOKIE DRIVE will be on December 9, 2017 - We will meet at Judy's office at First Baptist Church at 10:00 am. If you can, please provide enough cookies/candies/bars to feed 13 fire stations. We will load up the trays of goodies and then deliver the platters to the various fire stations here in Forsyth County. If you want to provide the treats, but can't make it to the workday on the 9th, please let one of our leaders know so other arrangements can be made to obtain your baked goods.
  • CHRISTMAS EVE service will be held at our current location on 12/24/2017 @ 6:00pm. It's a very touching service that you'll want to experience. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Update on Randy Smith

Here's what Randy posted on FB today:

Well here is what I know. Apparently, I had 3 massive heart attacks and flat lined 4 times. I had 98% blockage in the main artery (the widow maker). However, I am doing wonderful. Asked about going to work, I think between Elaine, the doctors and Quality, there is a conspiracy. All my clothes, phone charger and glasses are on the side of the interstate in the bus. So have to turn phone off. If you call leave a message. Otherwise I will check with everyone later. Hopefully back in ga by Fri. Thanks for the messages. Love you all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Randy Smith, the preacher who has filled in for Bill on a couple of occasions, has suffered a very serious heart attack and was lost during surgery multiple times. Please cover this brother in Christ in prayer. He holds a very special place in the hearts of many of us at Castle.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Latest news on new locations

Here's the information I've been given so far:

1. THE PIEDMONT COMMUNITY CLUB - This facility is listed in the tax records as being owned by The Piedmont Community Club. I've searched the internet via several avenues and cannot find a person attached to this building. I do know it's 891 square feet and was built in 1975. It sits on .32 acres. That's all I know at this point. - Jan

2. THE VFW - This facility is more than happy to have us. They have a PA system we can use, bathrooms and a kitchen. Tables stay set up all the time. They would charge us $75.00 a week. No storage available though. We would be the third church to meet there in their history so it's been done before. There could be a conflict on occasion, but they promised to work with us should this arise. They don't anticipate a problem with this.

3. CHESTATEE BUILDING RUN BY THE FORSYTH COUNTY PARK & REC. - . Below is a copy of their terms and what the facility has to offer:
Chestatee Building CAPACITY:50 AMMENITIES:Tables, chairs, refrigerator, stove, microwave RENTAL COSTS $ 75.00/day
A. All indoor rentals require a deposit due a minimum of 24 hours prior to the rental date.  The key to the facility will be issued one (1) business day or on the Friday prior to the rental date. 
B. Deposits will be refunded in full if Forsyth County Parks and Recreation (FCPRD) reports the facility in good condition.  If any of the following or other damages are found, then the deposit fee will not be refunded:  Damage to the facility, furnishings, equipment, grounds, etc.  The facility, furnishings, grounds are not left in as clean a condition (as what was found upon rental.)   Failure to turn in the facility key after the rental date.  Any rental guests or invitee displays improper conduct as determined by recreation staff.  Improper conduct shall include, but not be limited to, abusive or threatening language, physical violence, lewd behavior or apparent intoxication. C. If damages and/or clean-up cost is more than the deposit required, the renter will be billed for the difference.  Renters will not be allowed to use any Forsyth County facilities until all damage fees are paid.
A. Rental fees are due at the time the reservation is made.  (There is $100 non-refundable fee if your rental fee is $300 or more.)
B. The rental fees listed on the request form are for Forsyth County residents/businesses. Out of-County residents/businesses are charged an additional 20% for reservation dates prior to July 1, 2017 (All reservations for dates on or after July 1, 2017 will be charged two times the resident fee.)
C. Senior citizens (55+) receive a 10% discount off rental rates.
D. Fee reductions apply only to user fees.  Deposits or other fees will not be discounted.
E. Full refunds will be granted when the department cancels a reservation.  Refunds must be requested at least 2 full business days prior to the rental to receive a full refund.  Refunds will not be granted for pavilion rentals due to inclement weather.
A. Facilities are reserved/rented on a first come, first served basis, with a minimum of a 48 hour notice.
B. Any renter who enters the facility prior to the rented date and time will be charged an additional $ 150.00.
C. The facility and park area must be vacated no later than 11:00 pm with the exception of Ducktown Park, Poole's Mill Park, Sawnee Mtn. Preserve, Windermere Park and Young Deer Park which must be vacated before dark.
D. Facilities will not be available when a FCPRD program or other approved activity is being conducted.
E. FCPRD reserves the right to deny requests for facility use on county recognized holidays.
F. Requests will not be granted to renters that have exhibited unacceptable conduct during previous rentals at Forsyth County facilities.
A. A Community Building Rental Form must be completed at the time the reservation is requested and must be signed by the renter and the designated FCPRD staff to be valid.
B. The rental reservation time frame should include any set-up or clean-up time required.
C. FCPRD reserves the right to void an agreement to any group due to scheduling conflicts.
D. If Forsyth County government is closed due to inclement weather, reservations will be cancelled and may be rescheduled.
E. No one under the age of 21 may enter into a rental agreement with Forsyth County. Youth groups, or rentals on behalf of youths, must have a minimum ratio of 1 to 10, adults to youth.
F. If conducting a business activity, you must provide a business license.
A. Tables and chairs may be available for the renter to use.  Any additional tables and chairs needed must be arranged by the renter at the renter’s cost.  FCPRD does not provide additional tables and chairs.
B. Renters shall not exceed the building occupancy certificate.
C. The recreation department does not guarantee the availability of any equipment.
D. Renter is responsible for set-up/break-down and must return all equipment to the proper location.  Any equipment that is damaged will result in a bill to cover any replacement or repairs.
A. Wipe and clean all kitchen and table surfaces. Turn off stove, clean out refrigerator and microwave.
B. Sweep/mop or vacuum floor.
C. Bag all garbage and remove to park dumpsters.
D. Upon leaving the building turn all lights off, lock all doors and adjust the thermostat.  (In summer turn air conditioner to 78 degrees, in winter - turn heater to 65 degrees.)
A. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Forsyth County buildings or parks.
B. Tobacco products are prohibited in all Forsyth County indoor facilities.
C. Use of nails, tacks, staples or tape is not permitted and nothing may be hung from the ceiling or lighting fixtures.  All decorations must be removed before departure.
D. The use of sound amplifying equipment will be monitored by FCPRD staff to ensure noise levels are comfortable for other park users.
E. Renter must bag and remove all garbage from facility to park dumpster.
F. Authorized park personnel must pre-approve any equipment; play structures, animals, etc. for use at FCPRD facilities.
G. All park ordinances and rules must be followed.  A full list of policies is available at 8. EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Mike Bobby (404) 392-3309      Jim Gordon (678) 936-4644 John Crowe (404) 557-7977

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour when you go to bed tonight. See you in the morning.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


We will be having a very important church meeting this Sunday (11/5/2017) following services. We have some issues that need to be addressed and we need everyone's input. Don't stress. It's not the end of anything.