Saturday, August 29, 2015

Church Reminders

Please remember these two things:

1. Final love offering to help the Rodenbecks move back to Georgia.

2. All items for the Jericho House should be brought in tomorrow morning. Ben will be meeting with their representative on Tuesday to make the delivery. Below is a copy of what has been promised:

Canned Vegetables
Linda & Dr. Wellington
Dishwashing pods
Dr. Wellington
Body Wash
Dr. Wellington
Steno pads 6”x9”

Gallon sized Ziploc freezer bags
Wide ruled notebook paper

Bug Spray
Dr. Wellington
Dr. Wellington
Clorox bathroom cleaner
Gayle & Hubbards
Toilet paper
Debbie & Alan
Paper Towels
Sandi & Jim Stahl
Paper plates
Sandi & Jim Stahl

33 gallon trash bags
0.7mm Mechanical pencils
Aluminum foil
20-30 SPF sunscreen

(2) 16 qt. Igloo lunch coolers


(5) Indoor brooms

10w30 motor oil

Book bag

(2) TN-450 toner for office printer

Large T-shirts
Digital watch

Large men’s underwear
(4) Dry-erase  boards w/stands (3’x5’)

3-ring binders (1 inch)
(5) Mops

(5) Vacuum cleaners

(3) Bathroom exhaust fans

(4) Tires (205 55 16)
Bed sheets for twin beds
Acoustic guitar
White ankle socks for men
Fosters & Abernathys
Running/tennis shoes size 12

(2) Victorinox 10 inch chef’s knives

36" waist men’s shorts


Friday, August 21, 2015

Church update

The leadership received an email from Jason Rodenbeck Thursday informing us that Vangie has made the painful decision to end her relationship with Ten Mile Christian Church in Meridian Idaho where she accepted a staff position at the beginning of this year. There was a real expression of pain they have been through in Jason’s note. Vangie and he have gone through tremendous turmoil over the past few months and the decision became increasingly clear that it was time to move in a different direction. Jason has secured employment teaching and they will be moving back to the Cumming area in September. There are obvious expenses involved in making such a large move across the country.

We would like to invite our Castle family and friends to make a contribution to help offset some of the cost involved in this move. We will receive these gifts this Sunday, August 23 and next Sunday, August 30. If you are writing a check for this designated purpose, please do NOT write Jason and Vangie’s name on the check. You can attach a note to it or verbally inform one of the leaders of your intent. If you give cash, attach a note to it or place it in an envelope and write on the envelope or, again, verbally inform a leader that you wish for your gift to be used for Jason and Vangie’s expenses.

It goes without saying that Jason and Vangie worshiped with us and generously served Castle for a number of years. Let’s be generous in our prayers and resources for them during this difficult and trying period in their life.  

Friday, August 7, 2015

Special visitors this Sunday

We will be having some special guests this Sunday from the Jericho House. Larry McKenna and Kenny Yancey and possibly others will be coming to speak with us about their work at Jericho House. Please plan to attend to hear first hand about their ministry there.

Barbara's birthday

We'll try again this Sunday to celebrate Barbara's 85th birthday. Here's the info from an earlier post:

Barbara's birthday

Hi all,

I was assured Barbara would not see this post as she has no computer. This is to be a surprise. It was decided after last week's service that this coming Sunday (07/19/2015) we would celebrate Barbara Chapman's birthday. There will be cake and you will have an opportunity to give Barbara a birthday card. IF AND ONLY IF you want to give her a gift, the following was proposed:

Gift card from any of these places that she frequents:

Rice (Chinese resturant off exit 17 at the Publix shopping center on highway 306 and 369)

There will be a basket into which you can drop your birthday card and/or gift card and we will present it to her as a church. So if you want your gift card to be anonymous that is fine. The gift cards will be put altogether as one gift from the church. OR you may, if you want, sign your gift card so she knows it comes from you.

Please understand you do not HAVE to get her a gift card or even a birthday card....only if you want to. Everyone just felt it appropriate to recognize her birthday at church.

See you Sunday