Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunday Change and Leaving Intern

Greetings church,

Just a quick message about this Sunday. A few weeks ago I announced that Kyle would be preaching his last Sunday with us. Due to some important topics I feel we need to address, we've made a slight change to that plan. Kyle is planning on saying a few words this Sunday, as a thank-you and farewell, but I will be presenting the message. When I approached him about this Sunday, he graciously agreed to change plans.

When Kyle asked to complete this part of his training with us, I explained to him that there would be no way for the church to compensate him, and he agreed to that and has covered most of his own costs. However, getting his flight plans changed and a few other unforeseen costs have made life a little more difficult for him. He could use a little help to get home. I know many of us are also dealing with income issues, but I'd like to leave the box out this Sunday for anyone who would like to give a special love-offering for Kyle. If you would like to give and want to use a check, just make it out to the church, put it in the box, and it will get to him.

We've enjoyed having Kyle with us. He's done a great job with the Tuesday night Bible studies and has preached or helped me preach on three occasions. You all have taught him a lot about how church is supposed to be done, and he has commented many times that this is the kind of church he's looked for.